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Inspiring companies to create a culture where turnover is obsolete

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Isaias J Rivera has over 10 years of government experience in all levels providing services to residents particularly with job placements.


Isaias not only hears first hand from unemployed residents on why they left a company, but has assisted thousands of them back to the workforce through workplace readiness soft skills training.


Having assisted hundreds of Fortune 500 and start up companies with trained candidates and also launching his own start up (Urban Futbol Matrix), Isaias is able to share his insight to companies on how they can eliminate their turnover.

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As a proponent and advocate to combat unemployment, Isaias speaks to companies to improve their culture, retain quality talent, and help combat the overall unemployment in this country.

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Recognized as one of the leading figures at eliminating unemployment in Union County New Jersey, Workforce Development and Leadership expert Isaias J Rivera is an entrepreneur, career coach, and keynote speaker.

Isaias has a solid background with over ten years of experience in both government and business projects. With a degree in Government & Law as well as a Master’s in Business Administration, Isaias is able to share his keen perspective from both the public and private lenses.

Having assisted over 5,000 unemployed residents with job placement, Isaias has a knack for making meaningful connections and bring out the best in people. His story telling, analogies, and practical approaches engages audiences in a way that leaves them empowered, focused, and with a call to action. Isaias is passionate about teamwork, leadership, and eliminating unemployment. Isaias is especially inspired in not only helping people, but also helping businesses learn the keys to improving their corporate cultures and increase productivity. During his free time, he volunteers as Vice President for Hispanos Unidos, Committee Chairman for Troop 965,  engages as a Commissioner of the Planning Board for the City of Elizabeth, serves as a Committee Member in his Community, provides ministering service to his church, coaches and plays with his soccer team Jersey United, and loves to play the piano. Read More




Three A's to

Eliminating Turnover

While many companies are doing everything they can to eliminate their current turnover cycle, many managers are frustrated in wasting time, money, and coming up short in retaining good employees. This interactive presentation focuses on how mangers can lead successful teams and create positive cultures in their workplace. As organizations struggle to adapt in the current climate, this talk is more than having virtual meetings and working from home. This keynote is design to bring a workplace environment conducive to growth through practical goal setting, teamwork, and human engagement.

Learnings Objectives:


  • Personal Responsibility

  • GROW Method

  • Workforce Inability to Workforce Productivity

  • Goal Setting combined with Consistent Action

Journey to a Winning Culture

Nothing hurts a business more than being stagnant or worse yet having a toxic work environment slowly creeping. This not only affects the company’s production level, but also the energy, culture,  and employee morale, which will lead to losing valuable talent.


In this interactive presentation, both employees and managers will embark on a journey on not only learning how they can take positive action, but collectively how their corporate culture can stand out and attract more talent. A winning culture leads to less burn out, more productivity, higher retention, and more profitability.

Learning Objectives:


  • Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

  • Clarity on You Mission, Vision, Values

  • Keys to inspire and engage employees to reach a higher level of collaboration, participation, and interrelations

  • Fun Environment


Cultivating a Thriving Workforce By Engaging In The Business of People

Whether you're working remotely or in person, the workforce of tomorrow will always include the Human connection. As great as your product, service, or hard/technical skill your company offers, it is the people and the meaningful relationships that make up and run a successful business. Rising voluntary turnover, continued stress, and employee burnout means there is a lack of focus and trust within your organization. You can make a difference by spending less time managing projects and spending more time managing relationships.

This interactive presentation will provide your organization the much needed soft skills to move your business from merely surviving to thriving. By applying practical and crucial soft skills you will be able to produce within your organization a higher morale, rising creativity, increased productivity and overall a workplace that truly achieves work life balance.


Learning Objectives:

  • People Skills - Interpersonal Skills- How to Positively Influence others

  • Secret to Building Rapport

  • The Power of Visual Communications

  • Leading and Influencing others with Non-Verbal Communication



Isaias Rivera is a motivating speaker who captures the interest of an audience immediately. His charm, enthusiasm, and magnetic personality engages the participation of an audience. Isaias is a wonderful speaker.

Harry Rodriguez

Auditor, State of New Jersey


For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of hearing Isaias Rivera speak. His compelling speeches have taught me important principles, clarified questions I’ve had and most importantly, moved me to action. His engaging, emotional and compassionate style sets him apart as a speaker and his clear intent to help others grow and succeed make him simply outstanding.

Ekaterina Curry

Global Head of Ratings Operations, S&P Global Ratings


When I started hearing Isaias...I was thinking... Are you kidding me? You are a seasoned speaker. He connected with the Audience right away and I was hooked on to the speech from the very first work. I am confident that he would be great as a trainer, conference speaker or even a speaking coach. I wish him all the best in his speaking, coaching, and training gigs.

Ravindra Perera

Associate Manager Business Consulting at Virtusa

Dr. Lester Sandres Rápalo,

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at CUNY Bronx Community College


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